15 ideas for every good principal

15 ideas for every good principal...

When Principals reflect on their past year, metrics are concrete ways to determine whether your year was successful or not. Data does not lie. According to 2012 MetLife.com  Teacher Survey,  Principals are most likely to say it is very important for principals to be able to use data about student performance to improve instruction (85%) and to lead development of strong teaching capacity across the school (84%) to be an effective school leader. 


Is enrollment up?

Need to increase school enrollment? Many factors may be contributing to the decline in your school enrollment.  If you would like to read our 8-part series on “How to grow school enrollment.” Click Here.

Is your student return ratio up?

Student return ratio is an indicator whether your school is doing well or not.  If the number of students leaving for no valid reason is increasing over time, it is a red-flag that something is wrong.  Are you tracking those families who are departing your school and are you asking why? Easy mechanisms such as an exit survey or registration surveys can monitor the health of your school environment.

What is the % attending college?

Parents want to know that their students will succeed.  Does your school keep these statistics for prospective families to know.

What percentage of your students are achieving your school’s curriculum standards? If you don’t know this statistic or if it’s not 100%, then your SIS is not working for you.  SIS’s should be able to handle learning analytics to give you feedback on how well your students are doing in the classroom.  This should not cost extra for this functionality.  If it is, you should consider switching SISs to one which provides this functionality.


Are teachers happy?

Teacher’s lives should be made easy.  Collaborate teaching, sharing creates teamwork, a sense of belonging and reduces work redundancies. This should be available to them.  Is your SIS able to assist in this?

Are teachers getting the support from admin?

Teachers are vital to the success of the school.  Are they part of your decision making process? For example, the student information system (SIS) is used primarily by teachers.  Yet many teachers have no say in what SIS is purchased for the school.

Are teachers happy with grading and paperwork?

Grading is a pain.  Can this process be automated and eliminate the need for paperwork?  Is your SIS capable of doing this?


Are students happy coming to school?

Happy students and happy parents are your biggest marketing tool.  Are programs available to accommodate all students, especially during recess and lunch times?

​​Do you provide a non-threatening environment for students with anti-bullying awareness? 
“One rotten apple can spoil the entire cart”.  Are you aware of bullying or need a anti-bullying hotline? 

Are you developing the “whole child”?  Are programs in place to develop the mind, body and spirit of the child.  What makes your school stand out? 

Are parents happy with the school? 
Do you keep a pulse on your parents?  Are they actively engaged and contribute to your school.  See https://ktwelveonline.us/public_site/retaining-more-families/

Is your admissions process streamlined and easy for both parents and admission staff?
If you are still on paper, you are sending a negative signal to your prospective clients.  
See https://ktwelveonline.us/public_site/increase-student-enrollment-reduce-barriers-to-entry/


Is your support staff happy?
Your support staff is the face of the school.  If a prospective family walks in and the first interaction is with a cranky front office staff, that sends a negative signal. 

Is your school running efficiently?  
Do you feel that you are spinning your wheels trying to get procedures in place.  Can you take time to think and realize many of the issues discussed can be solved with technology that will save you time and money and increase your enrollment!

Is your staff optimizing time & resources in their everyday tasks?  
Is your SIS really working for you or are you working for your SIS?  If your SIS is not working for you, or you think it’s too expensive, 

See 10 things to ask about your SIS.

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