Learn How to Increase Student Enrollment and Retention

Dealing with Student Retention and Enrollment

in times of uncertainty.

8 Hacks to help navigate your school during Covid-19


During these trying times with Covid-19, we realize that private schools' number one concern is keeping student withdrawals down and enrollment numbers up. How is your school doing? K­-12 Online, together with Grow School Enrollment, has co-authored a series of “8 Easy Hacks to Increase Student Enrollment and Retention.” This FREE e-series will answer the marketing principles of WHO, WHAT, WHY and HOW as it relates to your school.

What You'll Learn

This 8 part series will cover the following:

  • Getting Started – Differentiating Your School
  • Know Your Audience Part 1 – External Promotion
  • Know Your Audience Part 2 – Internal Promotion
  • Get Noticed Part 1 – Communications
  • Get Noticed Part 2 – Advertising
  • Reduce Barriers to Entry
  • Build Trusting Relationships
  • Retain More Families

What You'll Get

  • Advice from experts in this field.
  • Explanation on how to effectively market your school and the reasons behind those marketing strategies.
  • Examples of easy ways to create brand identity
  • Tips for using all forms of media, including FREE and readily available options to reach your audience.
  • Ideas on how to adapt to each unique audience to appeal to their interests and desires.
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  • January 25, 2018
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