Should Schools Use Online Registration?

Let’s face it: the rest of the world’s organizations and institutions are taking advantage of new technology and are leveraging it to maximize operational efficiency. So why should schools be any different?

Private schools, independent schools, charters schools and even entire school districts can all benefit from taking an online approach to managing school operations; and this is especially true when it comes to the registration process. While traditional registration is a paper-based, labor-intensive process that wastes both time and money, online registration for schools is highly efficient and promises to revolutionize how administrators manage school operations.

Below are some of the key benefits of online registration for schools:

Saving Money

Switching to online registration is a proven strategy for saving schools money. With traditional, paper-based registration processes, schools must spend thousands to cover associated costs. As Saul Gleser, now Assistant Principal at Northwood High School in Irvine, California commented, online registration “saves thousands of dollars in mailing, paper and printing costs.” University High School was an early adopter of Jireh Infosystems’ K-12 Online’s school management system, a software as a service (SaaS), which offers an online solution for optimizing student registration.

Saving Time

In addition to saving you money, online registration for schools can save you time. With traditional registration processes, clerks and classified workers spend countless hours manually sorting, retrieving, entering and alphabetizing data. In addition, when students fail to bring in all of the individual forms that are required for registration, further time is wasted tracking down these forms. Fortunately, online registration can change all this. According Principal Phil D’Agostino of Costa Mesa High School (Costa Mesa, CA), which is another school that utilizes K-12 Online, online registration allows classified workers to spend less time on registration, which frees them to work on other tasks.

Building Community

Apart from freeing up time for clerks and classified workers, online registration for schools allows school principals to spend more time greeting students and parents. This is because with online registration, principals no longer have to waste time troubleshooting the many problems that arise with traditional registration processes. As a result, principals (and other administrators) can focus more of their time on community-building and can start building relationships with students (and their parents) as soon as the school year begins.

Pleasing Parents

A key aspect in managing school operations is ensuring that the parents of students are happy. After all, parents offer invaluable donations (both monetary and through volunteer work) and, with private schools, parents are the ones paying tuition rates and fees. Online registration for schools is a proven parent-pleaser. With traditional registration processes, parents can be forced to wait in line for hours in order to file the appropriate paperwork. In comparison, online registration takes just a few minutes and drastically cuts down on the time parents need to spend on campus. As a Costa Mesa High School (Costa Mesa, CA) parent said of online registration, “It has been the best experience for all of our parents.”

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