Alabama School District Addresses Parent Woes With K-12 Online



Jefferson County Schools in Birmingham, Alabama will be implementing K-12 Online’s Online Registration System with its Integrated Webstore and Reconciliation System this fall.

Jefferson County Board of Education, Alabama’s 2nd largest school district, has taken action to streamline registration for both parents and school staff.  This year, 36,000 students will be using K-12 Online’s Registration System to seamlessly integrate with Chalkable (formerly STI’S INOW), update demographic information, acknowledge permissions, pay for school items, and make donations….online!

Previously, parents would receive a paper packet of forms to complete before school began.  Middle and high school students would be required to bring in their paperwork and wait in line—often for several hours—to be registered.  With the new online system, parents can even register students using their mobile device.

Based on K-12 Online’s Schools Savings Assessment, by moving the registration process online, it is estimated that JEFCO would save an average parent about two hours of school visits, data entry and waiting in line, a total of 63,000 parent hours. It is also projected to save about 30,000 administrative hours which translates into about $600,000 in savings.

According to JEFCO’s Chief Financial Officer, Sheila Jones: “Jefferson County Board of Education is very excited about its new partnership with K-12 Online. We evaluated several proposals from different vendors through the competitive bid process and ultimately decided on K-12 Online. Some of the deciding factors were the flexibility in accepting various forms of payment, its outstanding user interface, and the product meeting all of our needs at a competitive price.”

Harold Jackson, JEFCO’s Director of Data Security and Instructional Technology Support has been working closely with the K-12 Online team to ensure a smooth transition for both parents and staff. Robby Naylor, Senior Support Technician at JEFCO, also adds: “From the beginning K-12Online has worked hard to make our first year a great success. Amanda in support has been absolutely fantastic, and Michelle has been working extra hard to make sure our data is accurate. We looked at many online registration solutions. I was a part of the final decision. Given the chance, I’d pick K-12 Online every time.”

K-12 Online has been helping schools and districts streamline registration and admin processes throughout the nation and in Canada. Since their system is designed for year-round use, parents and admin can easily keep information current beyond registration season.

Parents can submit forms and fees in the same step using the integrated webstore, and other organizations like athletics and PTO’s are able to participate while building community.

“K-12 Online has also provided JEFCO with custom reporting so online webstore transactions can be uploaded into Harris Solutions, JEFCO’s accounting software,” said Michelle Sam, President of Jireh Infosystems, Inc.

Interested in JEFCO’s case study? Click here to receive it when it becomes available.

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K-12 Online by Jireh Infosystems simplifies school-family interaction so admins can easily manage registration and student information. Our affordable, robust solution streamlines new-student applications, simplifies returning-student registration, optimizes lottery selection and processes fees, purchases and donations.  The system offers custom forms and reports, a lottery management system, and an integrated webstore with Point-of-Sale options. K-12 Online effectively automates your workflow for enrollment and registration while integrating with SIS’s. Please visit for more information.

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