Smaller schools no longer burdened with the help of affordable online registration

One of the toughest challenges in education is managing a small school. Budget cuts instituted on a statewide level affect both large and small districts, however, smaller schools tend to feel the crunch more when operating on an already meager budget. But the burden of affordable online registration can be lifted!

Savvy schools know their future requires them to become more integrated with parents, teachers and students. The world we live in is becoming increasingly interconnected and small schools can’t afford to be left behind for the sake of our children, nor can they afford to pay large amounts of money to implement necessary improvements.

K-12 Online was developed to combat the problems of school wastefulness and the excessive time and energy required to register K-12 students year after year. K-12 Online’s solution helps schools overcome application, registration, enrollment, and lottery management hassles and streamlines the process to be more cost effective and eco-friendly.

Although our products work seamlessly for any size school or district, small schools choose K-12 Online over and over again for it’s ability to offer budget-friendly solutions while still providing high quality products and maintaining it’s high level of customer service.


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  • March 24, 2015
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