K-12 Online Celebrates National Charter Schools Week


As the first registration, enrollment, and lottery management provider to cater to small schools, K-12 Online celebrates the success of charter schools during National Charter Schools Week.

Savvy schools know their future requires them to become more integrated with parents, teachers and students. The world we live in is becoming increasingly interconnected and small schools can’t afford to be left behind nor can they afford to pay large amounts of money to implement necessary improvements.

Research shows that a school spends an average of $50 per student on the registration process and in many cases, is left with inconsistent data and no system in place to check whether a student is missing important registration forms.

Although the web-based application is designed for any school or district, K-12 Online is the leader in providing affordable solutions tailored to charter schools’ needs. By automating the entire process from application to classroom selection, schools can save both parents and admin undue headache (and heartache).

K-12 Online salutes Charter schools who are combating the problem of school wastefulness and streamlining their processes to be more cost effective and eco-friendly.

Happy National Charter Schools Week!

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  • May 4, 2015
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