Another 5 Easy Money Making Ideas from (Fundraising Ideas for Schools: part 2)

Easy money making ideas continued.

Part 2 of 5

Continuing our series on fundraising ideas for schools. Here are 5 more money making ideas.


6. Some supermarkets and businesses like Target offer special programs to schools. Schools sell scrip or use Target’s credit card and keep a percentage of the total sales.

One school vice principal agreed to kiss a pig if the school made more than $2,000 from such a program. In this case, the added incentive really worked! School officials and community members could not believe the amount of money they collected!

In some other cases, grocery stores encourage community members to save cash register tapes to earn points that can be used to purchase computers and other equipment.


7. Another mlocal vendor promotiononey making idea is to explore which businesses in your school’s neighborhood are willing to host an evening where 20% of all proceeds from that day will be donated to the school. However, if there are such businesses in your area that are willing to do that, your school may enjoy continuous money making opportunity while parents can enjoy merchant savings and business loyalty through the community fundraising app.


8. The Educational Enrichment Foundation in Tucson, Arizona, auctioned off items left unclaimed at area dry cleaners to fund school activities. The foundation sold everything from wedding gowns to military uniforms and chefs’ outfits to drapes. This is now an ongoing fund-raiser.


9. Some Schools have organized a school-wide garage sale. Parents get an opportunity to clean out their garages and bring their unneeded items to the school. On a particular weekend day, neighborhood real estate agents market the garage sale for the school. After the garage sale, a pickup with a charity is organized to pick up all items that are not sold.


10. Some schools have found unique ways to make a profit. They allow students or faculty to wear special clothing. One school sponsored a hat day. Students who purchased a sticker for a dollar could wear a hat to school on that day. Students in that school ordinarily are not allowed to wear hats, so many kids jumped at this opportunity to have fun. In another school, one with a strict dress code, teachers paid $5 to wear jeans to school. (In this last example, the money raised supported breast cancer research.)

If your school or organization has any great money making ideas that you would like to share, please explain in the comment box.


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  • November 19, 2015
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