Another 5 creative fundraising tips. (Fundraising Ideas for Schools: Part 3)

Part 3 of 5

Continuing our series on fundraising ideas for schools. Here are 5 more ideas.

11. At some schools where parking is a problem, schools have sold dedicated parking spots to parents and students when parking during school pickup and drop-off is a problem.

12. As part of its school-to-career program, one school opened a store that sold snacks, clothing, school supplies, and novelties before and after school and at lunchtime. Initially, faculty operated the store, but students are gradually taking over responsibility for selling, ordering, and restocking the store.


13. To raise funds, a school in Guam installed a video game room in its school building. The room is open to students with a GPA of 70 or better, which serves as an incentive to students to keep up their grades. And, of course, the school keeps the profits from the game room.


14. Rocky Run Middle School in Chantilly, Virginia, held a no-fuss fundraiser. School officials simply asked parents for cash. Last year, they raised more than $10,000 that way. With more traditional fundraisers, when a product is sold, only 30 to 50 percent of the product’s retail price aids the school, and the rest is the business’s profit. The parents seemed relieved that all – not part – of what they contributed went to help the school. And they didn’t have any kids knocking on their doors!

15. California High Schools like University High School uses an online registration program that includes an integrated webstore. During annual registration, PTAs ask for a donation. Due to the ease of use and the ability to use credit cards, donations increase by 30% over the regular method. This system also allows parents to input employer names yielding additional income through Corporate Matching programs


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