Increase school funding with K12Online

Simplify tuition Management

Adapt tuition payments to today's parents.  Provide flexible payment options and easy to understand reporting that parents love!

Online application and registration with K-12 Online

Save parents money

Eliminate hundreds of dollars that parents pay per child in miscellaneous fees to third party management companies.  

online payments optimize financial transactions

Maximize financial potential

Online tuition payments allow parents to pay 24/7. Next day funding gives schools the needed funds on the next business day.  No waiting period.

Online application and registration with K-12 Online

Increase Flexibility & Control

Tuition management gives schools the autonomy to determine fee schedules and control penalties  etc. without requiring 3rd party intervention and approval resulting in quicker resolution of payment issues and happier parents.

online payments optimize financial transactions

Eliminate financial ​stress with AutoPay

AutoPay allow parents to set it and forget it. Parents receive reminders when payments are due and emails regarding payment status.  Tuition status is available 24/7 via the parent portal.

online payments ensure security

Ensure Security

Eliminate fraud by ensuring financial transparency and eliminating cash transactions. K-12 Online Tuition is certified with major credit card brands as an official Tuition Software vendor.

This year we estimate that over 75% of parents responded with returned books or money because the fines were included in their online registration. The high school collected over $1,000 in old fines due to us. This was an unprecedented amount of money for us to recoup!

Mary Kilimas
Grosse Pointe IT

Learn how Grosse Pointe Public Schools recouped fees and fines.