Online Payments

online payments optimize financial transactions

Maximize financial potential

Online fee & item payments allow parents to pay 24/7. Assess mandatory financial obligations to parents. Next day funding gives schools the needed funds on the next business day.  No waiting period.

Online application and registration with K-12 Online

Improve Efficiency

Sell items, solicit donations, assess fees and financial obligations. Webstore has the ability to upload item images, sell products with different attributes and prices, complete accompanying forms during purchase.

online payments optimize financial transactions

Optimize financial transactions

Online payments allow parents to pay for items, fieldtrips and more 24/7. Recoup money by assessing fees and fines to students. Increase donations with open-ended giving.

online payments ensure security

Ensure Security

Eliminate fraud by ensuring  financial transparency and eliminating cash transactions. Online payments complies with payment card industry standards keeping card holder information secure.

online payments enhance parent experience

Enhance parent experience

Allows parents to pay online with credit card rather than bringing cash or check to schoolWebstore provides grade-specific items.  Allows parents to pay to multiple entities while providing credit card information once.  Obtain mobile card readers to accept payment anywhere on campus

online payments improve efficiency

Increase Funds

As a payment card merchant, you will have next day funding and direct deposit to bank account. Access to the virtual terminal allows direct refunds to cardholders.  Process payments online, in person and through mobile card readers.  Accept payment ANYWHERE.  Reconcile and close-out orders to distribute funds by general ledger (GL) accounts.

This year we estimate that over 75% of parents responded with returned books or money because the fines were included in their online registration. The high school collected over $1,000 in old fines due to us. This was an unprecedented amount of money for us to recoup!

Mary Kilimas
Grosse Pointe IT

Learn how Grosse Pointe Public Schools recouped fees and fines.