Online Application & Recommendations

Online application and registration with K-12 Online

Streamline application process for parents

Improve application by streamlining and automating the process, creating a great first impression.  Customize parent view and flow by embedding welcome video.  Improve ease of use by allowing parents to easily initiate recommendations, upload documents and personal statements and pay for application fees.

Simplfy recommendations for private schools K12online

Improve recommendation process for parents and admin

Plugin that allows parents to request recommenders to complete recommendations online. Recommenders complete recommendations and submit form with a click of a button.  Recommendations are attached to student's record for review by school while restricting parents' view. Parents and admin track recommendation process with minimal follow-up.

Simplify operations & save time for admin

Parents submits COMPLETE application with recommendations, fees, documents and forms eliminating the need for admins to constantly baby-sit student applications, parent followup and tracking down required documents, freeing up valuable resources.  

Ensure data security and accuracy

Data transfer encryption allows parent to enter data securely.  Role based privileges restricts access to pertinent information and recommendations.  System validates data entered by parents then updates SIS with clean data.  System mandates all forms viewed and pertinent documents to be completed and uploaded  directly by parents.

Increase school funding with K12Online

Increase funding for schools

Streamlined application process with the ability to easily pay for all fees online with flexible payment options, results in increased and immediate funding. 

Increase student application and enrollment

Simple and convenient application process allows for increased application and enrollment rates

Alan Engard IT Director

"The company uses all the safeguards needed to protect student information, and parents don’t have to worry about getting spammed. We’re very comfortable it maintains all the confidentiality and integrity of our data."